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03 October 2006 @ 05:35 pm
Though because, I miss this place so much, that'd I start off an RP for people to get into. It might not suit everyone, but as I had no idea how to include everybody this was the best way to do it, that and I've left it up to everyone who they want to be, as I don't mind or care which character you want to be, but I'm going to leave it open for now so I'm gonna play Petey for the hell of it:

Who: Any Order Member, or Possible Order Member
When: July 1979
What: Dumbledore's cracked: Formation of the Order of the Pheonix
Where: A large hall in London
Warnings: Talk of death...that count?


The crowd of young and old people was secluded and rather quiet, a hint of excitement filled the air as they waited. They'd all been called here by a mysterious letter, a letter by Albus Dumbledore himself, and everyone one of the letters were personal to each person in the room, they must of been very hard to write out and must of taken alot of effort.

"The Order of the Pheonix?"
"Fighting You Know Who?"
"Does the Crazy Koot thing we can really do it?"
"We're not aurors..."

One of the figures sat by himself, waiting for his friends to turn up, eyes soft as he waited, hoping that he of all people of his friends we'ren't the only one to get a letter, that in his mind would be stupid. Peter always felt his friends were much braver. When he heard a voice and turned round where he stood.

Atlast someone he recognized!