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03 October 2006 @ 05:49 pm
Oh and everyone, say Hello to Evan, he's joining alcholics and liar's annoymous XD. Or rather, just M_L. Lets hope he doesn't bite my fingers off.

Who: Any Death Eater, Possible Death Eater
When: July 1979
What: Death Eater Meeting
Where: Malfoy Mansion 
Warnings: This is the DE's, what do you expect? High for language


Bloody pathetic, look how many have shown up, and I bring them all and who gets the credit? Fricking Malfoy because he hosted it. I tell you--

Evan took another swig of his alcohol, growling at the fact Malfoy--though married was enjoying being the bastard he was and flirting with all of the girls there, those ofcourse, he wasn't already related too.

Evan took another swig then looked around, this place was huge, no wonder Narcissa wasn't too upset when the marriage was arranged. It was like being in his home "quadroppoled" with an extra 2 floors.

"Rich bastard"

When he turned and saw a famillar face. "Oi! Long time no see!" he called out, walking towards them.
03 October 2006 @ 05:35 pm
Though because, I miss this place so much, that'd I start off an RP for people to get into. It might not suit everyone, but as I had no idea how to include everybody this was the best way to do it, that and I've left it up to everyone who they want to be, as I don't mind or care which character you want to be, but I'm going to leave it open for now so I'm gonna play Petey for the hell of it:

Who: Any Order Member, or Possible Order Member
When: July 1979
What: Dumbledore's cracked: Formation of the Order of the Pheonix
Where: A large hall in London
Warnings: Talk of death...that count?


The crowd of young and old people was secluded and rather quiet, a hint of excitement filled the air as they waited. They'd all been called here by a mysterious letter, a letter by Albus Dumbledore himself, and everyone one of the letters were personal to each person in the room, they must of been very hard to write out and must of taken alot of effort.

"The Order of the Pheonix?"
"Fighting You Know Who?"
"Does the Crazy Koot thing we can really do it?"
"We're not aurors..."

One of the figures sat by himself, waiting for his friends to turn up, eyes soft as he waited, hoping that he of all people of his friends we'ren't the only one to get a letter, that in his mind would be stupid. Peter always felt his friends were much braver. When he heard a voice and turned round where he stood.

Atlast someone he recognized!
01 October 2006 @ 03:12 pm
I'm putting all the coding from the former ljuserinfo on this, mainly because a lot of people put a lot of work into it, and I can't bear to just delete it. However, it's simply no longer relevant, so I'm removing that from the info and putting up a little blurb.

lj-cut text="The Code.">
Welcome to Marauder Life
This is a Harry Potter role-playing community set in the Marauder's Fifth Year. Now accepting applications! See the community board for the application form. This is a role-play community dedicated to high quality writing. If you can hold a pen, and move it in an agreeable manner, WE WANT YOU.

Also, a huge amount of credit goes to hogwart_life, which is essentially our mother community.

The following is a list of all taken roles:

Alice Checkeye


Year: 5th

Carolyn Barry


Year: 5th

Sabrina Holloway


Year: 5th

Severus Snape


Year: 5th PREFECT

Lily Evans


Year: 5th PREFECT

Vanessa Weaver


Year: 6th

Lucas Radley


Year: 5th

Regulus Black


Year: 4th

Remus Lupin


Year: 5th PREFECT

Elizabeth Davis


Year: 5th

Selena Yaxley


Year: 5th

Peter Pettigrew


Year: 5th

Clifford Levi Woods


Year: 5th

Vincent Daray


Year: 6th PREFECT

Frank Longbottom


Year: 6th PREFECT

Malcolm D. Campbell


Year: 5th

Noreen Devitt


Year: 5th PREFECT

Sirius Black


Year: 5th

Gregory T. Fischer


Year: 6th

Ex-members: be_sirius, blame_my_youth, young_severus, mamou, night_wrathe, _emma__, messr_potter, lily_adriana, siriously_black, bas_lestrange, astrid_dar, _peter_p__, echoohce, have_a_hart, severedsocially, darling__hestia, k_meronowich, box__bolt, igrewup, lyrae_maylaen, severedsocially, spitfire_evans, thats_not_cream, antler_head, imablackdog, scarlette_mca, getting_evan

The following is a list of all open roles:
Study up on the character before auditioning!!!

Alecto Carrows [Slytherin]
Amycus Carrows [Slytherin]
Benjy Fenwick [Gryffindor]
Lovegood Srs.
Davy Gudgeon
Victor Nott [Slytherin]
Zabini Srs. [Slytherin]
Avery [Slytherin]
Wilkes [Slytherin]
Bertram Aubrey [Slytherin]
Rodolphus Lestrange [Slytherin, 7th Year]
Rabastan Lestrange [Slytherin, 5th or 6th Year]
Bertha Jorkins [Hufflepuff, 7th Year.] ?
Marlene McKinnon [Gryffindor] ?
Dorcas Meadows [Gryffindor] ?
Any Black/Malfoys [graduated]
Evan Rosier

For a more complete list of options visit The Harry Potter Lexicon

Originals are also accepted, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws welcome in particular. There is no more room for 5th Year male Gryffindor, but beyond that most years and houses seem open.


House Points:






The Moderators are as follows:



As Moderators we....

...reserve the right to remove ANYONE we see fit from this role play, without giving any kind of reason or explanation. We take no pleasure in exercising this power, but we will if severe action is needed.

Any moderator can nominate any player for expulsion at any time. The nomination is then put to a full moderator vote, which will be done anonymously, away from the full role playing body.

...reserve the right to criticize ANYTHING written on the site. IC, OOC, User Info… possibly even avatar images.
This means anything from poorly thought through plot lines to straight out bad writing to atrocious grammar (especially Kirby) to just plain emo-ness (and believe us, we will).

...reserve the right to congratulate anyone who ROCKS. We will do so heartily, and frequently, too.

...take on the responsibility of keeping track of storylines.

...take on the responsibility of maintaining house points.

...take on the responsibility of holding ALL players to ALL rules and commandments.

...take on the responsibility of controlling the cheese.
We just do. [Even if dairy is an unhealthy and potentially damaging faux-food group.] [The previous statement has been overruled, and has more to do with a small interleadership squabble than anything.]

Now, before joining us, please read the following rules so that we aren't forced to scold you later:


1. Thou shalt not kill without permission from the player or a moderator.
Your character cannot kill another character without first obtaining permission to do so, for obvious reasons. On a related note, you shalt not destroy the wand of another without similar permission.

3. Thou shalt not Power Play without permission.
You cannot control another character or speak for another character without first obtaining permission from the character's player.

3. Thou shalt not be almighty.
Your character can't magically control everything in the universe, hurt a million people at once, etc. etc.

All three of these offences can be punishable by expulsion, depending on the scale at which they were committed.



1. Have a decent audition. Please.
2. The voting staff is ineffable, infallible, and omniscient. Please don't refute their decision.
3. In the audition form, it will ask you if there is anything you would like to add. So we know you read the rules, write "I like Acid pops."
4. Make sure your audition sticks to the current plot of the rpg as much as possible.
5. No cross-overs.
6. Read the books, and be familiar with the information therein. If you're saying something that directly conflicts with canon, we'll have to stone you.
7. Please make your audition AT LEAST 300 words.
8. All auditions MUST fit into ONE post. Everything put into a second post will be ignored.

Additional rules can be found in the memories page, so go look there before you audition, please.

The Form

Your Name:

Character Name:



Character LiveJournal:

Any Writing Experience:



Year in School:

Birth Date:



Sexual Orientation:

Back Story:



Elective Classes (3rd years and up only):

Anything you'd like to add?

Audition Passage:

The Back Story doesn't have to be lengthy, but should explain roughly the character's childhood, and anything important that occurred there in.

The Audition Passage should be NO MORE THAN A PAGE IN LENGTH. If you can't prove to us that you rock in one page... we're not wasting our time.

Once received, Auditions will be posted on the main community journal and voted on by the WHOLE community.

Make sure that auditions are written in html format. If you want a section in italics please use appropriate tags. I WILL NOT ADD THEM IN FOR YOU.



Quidditch Rules

1. Try-outs.
Try-outs will be held as soon as possible by Kirby or I as a community thread, or four. An in-character try-out is worth twenty points to the individual. Canon will be supreme, and not all who try-out may play. That said, each House selects their players and positions by vote.

2. Captains.
Captains can be elected from the teams, but they require unanimous Mod approval and it is unlikely that all houses will have somebody playing Captain. A Captain who fails to do his or her duty may be impeached by a majority vote of the team and Mod support.

3. Practice.
Every practice will be a thread created at the Team Captain's leisure. If your house does not have a player as Captain, one of the Mods will furnish you with a practice through the community board.

4. Records.
The teams will be recorded in the userinfo for the community.

5. Games.
Games will be posted on the community board by the Mods. The Season technically goes like the below...

Gryffindor vs Slytherin (held in early November)
Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw (held in late November)
Ravenclaw vs Slytherin (held in January)
Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff (held in February)
Hufflepuff vs Slytherin (held after the Easter break)
Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw (held in late May)

If a game is not held, the moderators may opt to simulate it our hold it later and give points to the participating houses.

6. Points.
Each Practice is worth five points, the same as a regular entry.
Each Game grants twenty points for participation to each house involved.
Each Victory grants an additional thirty points to a house.
Winning the Quidditch Cup results in a gain of one hundred and fifty points for the house of the victors.
Welshing on a Game costs a house fifty points.



Members are required to post twice a week. Posts can be as short as a single sentence (providing it's a good one), and as long as you feel necessary. We'd like to ask that if your post exceeds four hundred words, you put it (or a portion of it) under an lj-cut. Also, use your discretion on graphics. Smaller graphics are fine, but if they get to be taking up most of the page, please put these under cuts as well.

First person posts, or journal entry posts are a little tricky. Since these are the 70s, and our characters most certainly don't have computers or livejournals, we have what are called Grimm & Warner Journals or G&Ws. They look like ordinary leather-bound journals with a little G&M insignia on the front and (for the higher class models) have the owner's name embossed on the binding. You write entries into it like you would in a normal journal, close it, flip it upside down and open it and it appears blank. You then write the name of whoever's journal you want to read, and the words appear (supposing that journal isn't locked from you).

Grimm, being one of the earliest members of the death eaters (from Tom Riddle's Hogwarts days), had information about Riddle's secret diary, and attempted to replicate it without full details coming up with this wonderful line of journals very popular with kids in the 70s. In later decades they were banned and deemed dangerous by the ministry because of their ability to send undetectable messages.


Other Random Stuff We Feel Obliged to Mention

Please stay true to both the plot and the time period. Don't use technology, slang, or fashions that are ahead of their time. It's the 70s, please act as such.

Also, when making icons, try to use actors who have been in appropriate period pieces so that your icons can look like they belong.

DON'T Mary Sue. There will be NO Mary Sue-ing on this site.

Leave your pride at home. Be willing to accept criticisms as help, not insult. We mean well, we promise.

HAVE FUN! We command it.

[Revision: Lily Evans 09/12/06]
28 September 2006 @ 08:39 pm
Okay, so there seems to be a general consensus that dissolving the community and going to an informal group-like-thing of rping would be more fun/less stress. Thus, keep your character journals, and pop over here whenever you feel like it, but we'll no longer be doing auditions, nor expecting any sort of cohesive plot.

Also, if you wanna rp with someone who's not in the comm now, you're totally welcome to invite them to the comm. And maybe we'll see-- like Sophie suggested, I believe-- if we wanna have random chats or something once in a while.

Long live Marauder Life, mis amigos, and it's been one hell of a ride. Here's to whatever else we do with our lives. (I'm totally making a toast in my brain, so please go get a drink and toast with me, I kid you not.)

27 September 2006 @ 10:49 pm
So, hey, guys. I've got to talk about this, because it's been sorta wiggling its way under my skin for a while now...

Thing is, I'm beginning to think of leaving mlife. It's not as fun, with so many people inactive or simply gone, and it seems like people have gotten into ruts, only ever role-playing with one or two other people, and ignoring everyone else. Also, I'm beginning to think that possibly there are more constructive ways to spend my time...

Now, this is not to say that I never want to rp with any of you ever again-- I really enjoy playing with you guys, and I really enjoy playing Remus. But... what if we did it on an informal basis, without any predetermined plot, setting, or group-- just, kinda freelance, whenever the mood strikes?

I really want your guys' input on this, because I've been thinking about it for quite a while and I want to hear what you have to say. Especially important: if I did leave, would someone want to take over the comm and continue it without me, or would we want to simply dissolve it and go to the freelance thing in general, for those interested?
27 September 2006 @ 02:30 pm
Hello, all.

So. Genna has decided to turn the modship over to yours truely. Therefore, a new reign of terror RPing has begun.

And I do mean RPing. HELLO OUT THEREEEEEE. *echo* Damn.

Now. First thing. I love the snupin smut desperately, as well as the disgusting sappiness. But Hogwarts was not founded on snupin alone, and nor was this community. Therefore I say all of you need to post something immediately(meaning within the next week), or you're through. I'll make a list of hiatuses and all in a bit.

Second thing. Pimping. I'm now your resident pimp, and as such I'll need the help of whoever'll give it. I need a pretty banner. I could ask my Graphics Girl, but she's not on this comm. So. If anyone would like to make a banner for the sake of the comm, it'd be much appreciated.

If there's anything I missed I'll add it. But seriously, I don't want this comm to die. So let's DO IT.
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27 September 2006 @ 02:27 pm
I am giving up my modship to Lauren.

I am sorry to inform you all that I am leaving as well.

Sorry guys.You know where to find me if you want me.
26 September 2006 @ 07:39 am


Last night after a wedding in a muggle town, the groom and bride along with most of the party were brutally murdered by You Know Who’s gang of Death eaters. After the capture of the first death eater, it seems that You Know Who has decided it is time to change his plan of action, now attacking muggle towns out of wizarding reach.  Our cleanup and aruror teams reached the scene too late. Both bride and Groom Mr and Mrs Swanson tortured along with, their best man Mr Strelli and his fiancée Miss Dawson, and a lot of elder family members.


Some of the deaths were of a magical nature, but after the event that afternoon other people in the town were killed and found the next morning with bites and cuts as a result. The youngest to die of these attacks was a 4 year old boy, named Reece, who was bitten hungrily in the neck by something that wasn’t human. We have reasons to believe it was of a werewolf nature.


Ministry members are informing those who live in a muggle community of any kind to protect there area with spells and enchantments (see page 4) and to warn the muggle community, about “serial killers in the paper” to make them aware of the situation inadvertadely.


Again the Minster of Magic refused to comment yet it was also stated from our sources that Professor Dumbledore is furious with the lack of action against the fiends. On that note the Headmaster refuses to comment.

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19 September 2006 @ 12:53 pm
Um, hi, I'm back. So, who all is still actually here?
18 September 2006 @ 12:59 am
I'm having a rough time at Berkeley, and to avoid poorly representing Vanessa and Regulus further, I am putting them both on indefinite hiatus. I don't want to, but I must. I plan to be back as soon as possible.

Kirby's internet is down, but she should post when she can.